Personal Injury Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr. will be relentless in pursuing maximum compensation if you or your loved ones are victims of an automobile accident, or if your loved one(s) are killed because of the negligence of others on the road.   The level of experience and success from car accident cases Brian O’Connell, Jr. and his legal team have achieved are second to none in Western New York.  Recognizing the variety of automobile accidents that can occur – from car and truck accidents, drunken driving, motorcycle, etc., to pedestrian accidents – Brian O’Connell, Jr. promptly investigates the specifics of any personal injury incurred and applies the current laws to each unique case.

Statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States.  No two accidents are alike, but there are some similarities.  For example, most victims will suffer serious to catastrophic injuries, many of which can be life-changing.  There can also be many differences directing the investigation of the facts of the accident.  These can include the legal issues pertaining to certain kinds of vehicles, specifics regarding insurances and other contributory facts.  You will need a proven winner – you will need Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr.

Western New York & Northwestern Pennsylvania residents recognize that their personal injury needs will be best served by Brian O’Connell, Jr.

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