New York & Pennsylvania law is very specific in defining liability for dog bite injury.  The burden of proof that the dog has the dangerous tendency to bite people and that the dog owner knew it, is the victim’s to prove.  Once proven, there is strict liability for the dog owner to cover medical and veterinary costs.  New York & Pennsylvania dog owners can be held liable for civil penalties for minor or serious injuries if an owner negligently allows his dog to bite another, however.  The specifics of defining a dangerous dog and the level of injury call for the assistance of an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to help work through the fine points of New York & Pennsylvania law and help bring maximum compensation to a dog bite victim.

Local legal expert, Brian O’Connell, Jr.,  is the best choice when seeking assistance for just compensation when bitten by a dog.  It is also important for the victim to immediately seek medical treatment for a dog bite injury.  Even measures such as taking a picture of the animal or enlisting testimony from a witness can help substantiate a case.  If a victim does not think he has a claim if the dog’s owner has a “Beware of the Dog!” sign showing, he may well be wrong.  Dog bite claims is another claims’ area that requires expert legal advice; there are so many factors, laws and insurance specifics that can enter into each case.  This is a job best handled with the expertise of The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm advocating for you, as their successes in personal injury awards settlements are numerous.

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