No one expects to be the recipient of negligent behavior when in the hospital – for any reason.  However, mistakes happen, and if you are the victim of medical malpractice, you may deserve monetary compensation if injury can be proven as a result of negligence, faulty equipment or numerous other reasons.  The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm has recovered millions for their clients from such errors.  Those sustaining injury due to medical malpractice in Western New York & Northwestern, PA have a great advocate in Brian O’Connell, Jr., and the knowledge that he has won the fight for just compensation for many of his personal injury clients.  Whether you have received the wrong treatment, surgery on the wrong site, have been misdiagnosed, or possibly even suffered irreversible damage due to a medical error, you need the legal representation that puts your interests first and foremost.

Birthing Room errors can happen in many ways, and result in either fetal or maternal injury – or sometimes both.  What should be a happy event for most parents when delivering a child can turn into anguish and years of suffering – even death – if mistakes that can be prevented have occurred.  The need for medical malpractice litigation is unfortunately all too common when birthing trauma results from events such as a botched cesarean section, unnecessary physical maneuvering during a birth or the wrong medication or dose being given for procedures such as pre-term labor and labor induction, to name a few.  Personal injury can result from a doctor, nurse, anesthesia personnel, equipment or many other factors; it can even happen as a result of a combination of factors and treating personnel.

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