Proving that a slip & fall accident was due to someone else’s negligence is not always easy, which is why you will need to find a highly experienced personal injury attorney if you are a victim of a slip & fall accident.   The first need to address is who is responsible for your injuries as a result of carelessness or inappropriate behavior; then the responsible party has to be identified, whether it is a property owner, manager in charge or another negligent party.

The slip & fall has to happen on someone else’s property, which puts these accidents in the category of premises liability.  Broadly speaking, If someone slips and falls on a property that is owned or maintained by another party, they may be entitled to just compensation for the injuries sustained as a result of this slip & fall accident.   There are many areas of liability for a property owner or manager, such as not providing adequate maintenance of the property, leaving potholes in a driveway, or not removing snow or ice in a timely fashion when adverse weather conditions occur.  In the instance of adverse weather conditions, if safety cannot be maintained on a property, any visitors must be warned of any dangerous condition that exists on the property.

Many risk factors can lead to a dangerous slip & fall, such as wet flooring, torn carpeting, cracks in the sidewalk, etc.  Most busy properties, such as airports or busy stores will post signage when floors are wet or surfaces are uneven and can lead to falls.  If you are a victim of such an accident, a picture of an uneven surface or torn carpeting, for example, is worth a thousand words, as someone returning to inspect the site of a fall may find a site that has been repaired.

Local building codes may also be a factor if they are not adhered to, in circumstances like a missing railing with steps, etc.  With the expertise of The Brian O’Connell Jr. Law Firm you will find the expert legal services you will need if you sustain injuries from a slip & fall accident.