Personal Injury Law is the primary focus of The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm.  In serving Western New York & Northwestern Pennsylvania clients, Attorney O’Connell has recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims in cases of medical malpractice, auto accidents, slips and falls, hospital errors, wrongful death and many other occurrences of personal injury victimization.   With the support of a qualified legal staff, Brian O’Connell, Jr. has been able to realize numerous successes in serving the people of Western New York & Northwestern PA.  When harm is caused because another has not used reasonable care, you will need the attention and expertise that Brian O’Connell, Jr. delivers.

Relentless pursuit of just compensation for the full extent of pain and suffering, or even death, is the commitment Brian O’Connell, Jr. makes to each and every case.   As a successful Personal Injury Lawyer, he knows that each case has its own unique characteristics.  Successful outcomes depend on detailed and specific knowledge of what expenses could be involved in each case and applying the laws that will assist in getting the compensation deserved.   Some other pertinent considerations include insurance specifics, any medical procedures needed, and the prognoses and extent of what could be the eventual outcome(s) from your injury.

Western New York & Northwestern  PA   residents need to know that their personal injury needs will be best served by Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr.

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