A manufacturer has the responsibility of ensuring its products will not cause injury when in use due to defects in the products.  When injury happens due to a defective product caused by negligence in production or design and assembly, for example, the victim can seek legal representation to recoup losses from injury sustained from the product.  Product liability can also stem from a breach of warranty guarantees or misrepresentation of a product – guaranteeing a product will perform in some way and it does not.  When injury is suffered due to product liability, The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm is New York & Pennsylvania’s prime choice for legal representation, as our successful client rewards have shown.

Product liability law is generated by the states, and is therefore diverse, and best interpreted by those familiar with the individual state statutes.  There are numerous specifics in applying the laws, from determining which part of the production process can be held liable for injury, to who may bring complaints to the Court’s attention and what the statute of limitations is for product liability actions.  In any case, one must prove the product is defective to have any chance of recovering monetary compensation.  You also need an experienced product liability attorney to aggressively seek the maximum compensation that is warranted for the injury incurred.

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Contact us today for your initial free consultation. 716.373.3400

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