Road construction sites are a continuous occurrence in New York & Pennsylvania due to the heavy traffic and weather conditions that create damage.   Sadly, road construction workers have the highest risk potential for workplace injury or even death of any work site.  When road construction accidents happen, it is usually difficult to determine blame, and many confounding factors exist.  Whether you are an injured road construction worker or injured motorist, you will need the expert help of the seasoned, successful Personal Injury Attorney, Brian O’Connell, Jr., who knows the ins and outs of New York & Pennsylvania law regarding road construction accidents.

The investigation of a road construction accident needs to start immediately, to evaluate the causative factors.  If the driver of a vehicle injuring a worker was driving drunk, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol outside the legal limit would have to be determined right away.  To be sure, working by moving vehicles will always be a factor for the road construction worker, but strict rules exist regarding the employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety, and must be adhered to by the worker as well as the employer.  Many injured motorists will report such factors such as inappropriate warning for a construction site, or inaccurate signage.  The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm team will rapidly determine all applicable factors and pursue the deserved monetary compensation for their clients.

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