Significant improvements in roadway design have helped minimize the risk for accidents, but that is no consolation to the victim of an accident caused by a roadway design flaw or negligence.  The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm is very specific in its attention to the details of a roadway design accident case, as they know each has its own unique features.  Brian O’Connell, Jr. also knows New York & Pennsylvania law and how its many intricacies affect any given recovery for just compensation from injury or death if roadway design is liable.  Brian O’Connell, Jr. will aggressively seek the maximum compensation for injury, for every case, as his client awards clearly indicate.

The technical nature of roadway design and the governmental immunity often involved in proving roadway design liability are very complex, necessitating careful investigation and strict interpretation of the laws.  There are several design specifics that roadway construction will use to minimize accident risk, such as correctly banking curves for better driver control or ensuring any signage is clearly visible and road striping or markings are legally placed and visible.  Listening carefully to what the victim or his representative sees as causation for the driver involved in an accident is also very important, however insignificant a particular observation may seem to be.

New York & Pennsylvania residents recognize their roadway design accident needs will be best served by Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr.

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