Trucking accidents are known to represent a small percentage of accidents on highways, but the severity of personal injury suffered from accidents with trucks is usually catastrophic, requiring immediate help from a qualified, experienced Personal Injury Attorney.  Just compensation will likely not be easy to acquire, as the trucking companies well know the amounts that can be recovered for the resultant catastrophic personal injury, and will put their attorneys to work trying to absolve the trucking company of any liability for personal injury.

Brian O’Connell, Jr. Western New York & Northwestern PA’s Personal Injury Attorney, is your best bet to ensure that the trucking company is held accountable for any liability for personal injury suffered as a result of a trucking accident.  Factors such as trucker fatigue, truck maintenance adherence and many other areas of potential liability need to be explored for applicability to any case.  Most trucking accident liability is due to negligence, which confirms the need for a serious, committed trucking accident Injury Attorney to thoroughly investigate in proving any negligence.  Referring to the client awards page will give you an idea of the commitment and successes of The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm.

Western New York & Northwestern Pennsylvania residents recognize that their personal injury needs will be best served by Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr.

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