In seeking maximum compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one, it is wise to seek the assistance of a seasoned, successful Wrongful Death Attorney such as Brian O’Connell, Jr. in Western New York’s Southern Tier, you will find the attestation of successful client awards that detail the success of this law firm.  As a native product of Olean NY, Brian O’Connell, Jr. has lived and practiced New York & Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Law in detail.  Although all states have wrongful death law, they differ as to details and extent of what can be recovered.  In New York, the Estate Powers and Trust Law, or EPTL, is the wrongful death statute for the state, and is more limited in the damages that can be recovered than in other states.

Successful attorneys such as Brian O’Connell, Jr. have helped expand the application of this statute in New York & Pennsylvania through rigorous litigation that has proven there can be further areas of just cause for monetary compensation in wrongful death, such as in future earnings.  There are also other considerations under New York law, including the statute of limitations as two years from the date of death, and specifying who may bring a wrongful death suit to court, etc.  Details and procedural knowledge matter; bringing in the experienced and successful help of Attorney Brian O’Connell, Jr. will assist in timely and hassle-free compensation awarded to the survivors.

If your loved one has been a victim of a wrongful death occurrence, your needs will be best served by The Brian O’Connell, Jr. Law Firm.

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